November 23, 2007

Cash vs. Debit Card?

Recently, I have been skirmishing an internal battle with myself about how I should approach using cold cash versus using my debit card (credit card is undeniably out of the question!). had this debate as well and there were some motivating points of view. Sorry to say, I am still sitting here conflicted. :(

I lately came across a posting at the American Consumer News blog titled Five Reasons to Always Pay with Cash (And Throw Your Credit Cards Away) that took the view of using hard cash and its benefits. The focal points by using cash were:

1) You spend less
2) There are no finance charges
3) There are no overdraft charges
4) You do not really go over the budget (but only if you have self-control, in my honest opinion).
5) You could get a better deal if you pay cash

I liked this article enough that I will endeavor to use cold cash as much as possible (seeing as how I was leaning in that direction anyway).

You can read the article here and the American Consumer News article here.

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lynnae @ being said...

Thanks for the link! I submitted my post to the Carnival of Personal finance, so maybe we'll get some more opinions! :)