January 25, 2010

I Am Back! (Hopefully)

Hello people,

It has been a long time since my last posting. There is a lot of things that have happened and I will try to summarize them as simply as I can:

  1. I got married in July 2008
  2. I was blessed with a baby girl in November 2009.
  3. I have changed jobs twice since my last posting with the first occurring in August 2008 and the second in August 2009.
That pretty much summarizes life events that I have experienced.

The issue of my finances is another thing to discuss:

  1. I had to wipe out my registered retirement plan (about $6,000) to help pay for my wedding.
  2. I had started to get back on track in terms of saving 10% of my net pay into my RRSP but about a month ago I realized that it is better to pay down debt (I have over $65,000 in consumer debt) than to save since I would be earning a higher return via debt reduction.
  3. Money is tight because out of my biweekly pay cheque, all I have left for discretionary spending is less than $200, which isn't much in my honest opinion. It has taken me more than five years to finally force myself to begin paying down my debt because once a few of the credit cards are paid off, I will see more money in my hand but it does require patience and perseverance on my part, which is hard but in the end I tell myself that I have faith that I will survive.
Anyways, this is what I have to report for now. My intention is to try to keep up with posting as much as I can but let's see how my busy schedule reacts to it.

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