January 28, 2010

Transaction Override

Hey people,

I am happy to report that for the past couple of months I have been living on cash only. When I receive my paycheque, i pay all outstanding bills and credit card payments. Once everything is
settled, whatever I have left over I wihdraw as cash. The problem is that I do not have that much money left over. Case in point:

Last Friday, I was paid and I ended up with $190 in my hand. That Saturday we decided to go to the mall to buy a few things and let me tell you, money sure does flow fast. I mean, we bought some things for our bathroom (my wife had some money she received from the government for the Child Tax Benefit and even though we spent about $140 only $40 was all that I had to contribute. That evening I took my wife out for dinner at Boston Pizza ($70) then another $30 to $40 at the movie theatre. We enjoyed ourselves and I do believe we deserved to indulge that day because with taking care of our almost three month old daughter took away most of our time.

By the time this week rolled around, I had no money but I lingered until yesterday when I received $60 reimbursement from my group health plan from work. My spirits have been lifted and God willing, they will remain so until I get paid next Friday.

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